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Listen to the Master - Yubo_HaneAme – Pet Girlfriend Dogs

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Listen to the Master - Yubo_HaneAme – Pet Girlfriend Dogs

雨波HaneAme 宠物女友 狗 (00)
In the relationship between the two sexes, we have created a popular word "licking the dog", and the best quality of a dog in the Chinese context is loyalty, and loyalty in love is also an important quality, even the most important quality. It's just a pity that licking dogs often have the quality of loyalty, but those who are licked do not. So it's good to have a dog girlfriend. Compared with the previous raccoon and fox stories, I also think that the dog-shaped clothes this time are more in line with Yubo's temperament.

雨波 宠物女友 狗61Tle7.jpg

雨波 宠物女友 狗61TI1N.jpg

雨波 宠物女友 狗61Tibe.jpg

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