Have you heard of the shocking nationwide incident of a feigned death at the Tianjin crematorium?

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This is a real paranormal event that took place in Tianjin, its eeriness rivaling the most thrilling movie scenes, and it once cast a psychological shadow over many Tianjin residents. 

This is the shocking incident of a "revived corpse" at a Tianjin crematorium, where a confirmed deceased homeless man was brought to the crematorium and surprisingly came back to life, the entire process of the event will overturn your perception.

The story happened in 2007 at the North Warehouse Crematorium in Tianjin's San Ye Village. Xiao Sun just graduated and came to work here because not only the wage was high, but there were also some extra earnings. 

His daily work was to tidy up the bodies, clean them, arrange their appearances, dress them in pajamas, and send them off in a neat manner. 

Some families would even request a simple makeup application to make the bodies look like they were asleep. But there will always be some bodies, such as those from suicides or car accidents, that are very difficult to handle.

This calls for his master, old Song, who has been working in this field for over 20 years. No matter what the bodies looked like, he could restore them to their original state. But that night, a strange thing happened. The two were browsing Douyin (TikTok) when they heard a car horn from outside. They then saw a body being pulled down from a car. A homeless man had died on the side of the road and was confirmed dead at the hospital. The two then brought the body over. It was midnight at the time. After delivering the body, the two left in a hurry. For such bodies without any relatives, the process was simple. A brief inspection and registration would suffice, and then they would wait for the police to bring the death certificate and cremation permit.

After Xiao Sun positioned the body, he returned to the room, and the two began browsing Douyin again. It was then that the eerie incident occurred. They heard a strange noise coming from the direction of the morgue. Master Song thought it was a wild cat or dog that had entered the room and asked Xiao Sun to check. But when Xiao Sun walked into the morgue, he found an incredible scene. The limbs of the homeless man had revived and were struggling. As Xiao Sun was still reeling from the shock, the homeless man raised his head and stared at him, like he was possessed by an evil spirit, and reached out to grab Xiao Sun.

The body had been thoroughly checked when it first arrived and was confirmed to be dead, but the scene before him overturned his understanding. He quickly called for his master. Hearing Xiao Sun's cry for help, the master hurried to the morgue. The master was about to tell Xiao Sun not to be so scared, but Xiao Sun pointed at the body. The homeless man was still struggling, accompanied by sounds like dislocated joints. Seeing this, the master quickly turned and left. When he came back, he was holding a few red ropes with coins tied at both ends. The master said this was called "Five Emperor Money," and together with the red ropes, they were specifically used to deal with such evil spirits. The master asked Xiao Sun to hold down the struggling body. Although Xiao Sun was scared, he had no choice but to do as told. He held down the homeless man's shoulders, while the master calmly tied up the corpse's wrists, ankles, and neck with the red ropes. Strangely enough, the body stopped struggling after being tied up. At this moment, Xiao Sun realized the extraordinary abilities of his master. He could hardly imagine what his master had been through in these 20 years. After everything was settled, the two returned to the duty room. The master began to read, while Xiao Sun dared not browse Douyin anymore. His mind was filled with images of the struggling corpse. The next day, the workers on the next shift also discovered the unusual state of the body, but no one was surprised, as if it was normal. Later, when the police delivered the death certificate and cremation permit, the body was quickly cremated, and the ashes may never be claimed by anyone.