"Folk Tale" Real Event: The Disappearance of Bus No. 330 in Beijing, 1995

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"Folk Tale" Real Event: The Disappearance of Bus No. 330 in Beijing, 1995

Lead-in: What could possibly cause a bus to travel overnight from Yuanmingyuan to Miyun Reservoir? Why was the bus's fuel tank filled with blood instead of gasoline? This is a real event! The disappearance of Bus No. 330 in Beijing in 1995, what exactly happened that day?

On the deep night of November 14, 1995, a No. 330 bus slowly departed from the Yuanmingyuan bus terminal, slowly pulling over next to the south gate bus station of Yuanmingyuan. This was the last bus of the day. On board was a driver and a female ticket collector. When the bus doors opened, four passengers got on - a young couple, an elderly old woman, and a young man. Once the bus started moving, it headed towards the final station in the direction of Xiangshan...

Just after passing the Beigongmen station, about 300 meters away, three passengers dressed in ancient costumes got on the bus. After about three or four stops, the young couple got off the bus! Suddenly, the elderly old woman abruptly stood up, hitting and scolding the young man, accusing him of stealing her wallet.

The young man insisted on his innocence, but faced with the relentless old woman, he got off the bus, ready to go to the police station. After getting off, the old woman let out a sigh of relief, telling the young man that the last three passengers who got on the bus were not humans. When the wind blew, she saw that the ones in cheongsam had no feet! Then, the young man quickly called the police!

However, the officer didn't believe the young man's words, thinking it was a false report from a delusional person, and didn't take it seriously. It wasn't until the next day that the bus went missing; it didn't return to the terminal, and the driver and the ticket collector also disappeared. The police quickly looked up the call and information reported the day before.

Later, the young man and the old woman were located, and the old woman told the police the details of what happened the day before.

That night, the Beijing Evening News and Beijing News quickly reported on this shocking news. Two days later, the police found the missing bus in the Miyun Reservoir, more than 100 kilometers away from Xiangshan, and discovered that the female ticket collector and the driver had tragically lost their lives. Along with the bus, they found three highly decomposed bodies.

From then on, the disappearance of Bus No. 330 in Beijing was shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. No one could step forward to answer what exactly had happened.

However, there are many internet detectives, akin to Sherlocks Holmes, who have their theories. Some netizens suggest that this was just a regular criminal case, with the aim of disposing bodies, and not some supernatural event. What is your view on this?