Why do people live and why do we all eventually die?

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Why do people live and why do we all eventually die?

People always hope to be alive, because being alive means having hope, but often overlook why they are alive in the first place.

Each living being has their own way of living: some live day by day, living with the idea of doing their best each day; (I call this "living aimlessly") some see through the secular world and enter the Buddhist path, believing that it is their ultimate destiny; (Buddhist) some choose to give up, thinking that death is the end; (death) some strive for a better quality of life, constantly improving and working hard, and eventually succeed. (I believe this is what truly living means)

There are many reasons why people are alive, but I mainly want to talk about two things: relationships and careers. Let's start with careers. Everyone hopes to achieve something and make a difference in their career. But this process is long and arduous, and success comes after overcoming obstacles. Not everyone can achieve great success overnight. So when you encounter setbacks and failures, what should you do: complain endlessly, resent others, resent yourself, blame fate for being unfair, continue to persevere, or give up. Here, I want to tell everyone that fate is fair to everyone and opportunities are equal for all, it depends on whether you can seize them. Usually, when fate closes one door for you, it will open a window nearby. For those who encounter failure and setbacks, you need to pay attention. At this time, if you keep a clear mind and carefully analyze your current situation, you will find that window and seize the opportunity to turn things around. On the contrary, if you spend your days in confusion and resentment, wasting a lot of time, you will not see the window that fate has opened for you and you will miss the chance to change your situation. Everything will seem dark and gloomy, with a bleak future.

Yesterday was cold (painful), today is also cold (painful), but tomorrow will be warm (happiness). Often, many people die tonight, why? Because they don't believe there is still tomorrow, because they don't believe that tomorrow will be warm, so they give up, and of course, they cannot see the sun of tomorrow. Therefore, never give up on anything, remember: persistence is key.

Now, let's talk about relationships. Some people live for love, some die for love, and some end their lives because of love. When love comes, we should accept it calmly, and when love leaves, we should smile and say it's okay. Love and being loved can both be hurtful, and whoever stops loving first will leave. For those who stay, wipe away your tears, find the remedy, and slowly heal your wounds. Love is a two-way street, so what should you do when the person you love no longer loves you? Crying, making a fuss, or even contemplating suicide won't help. When they no longer love you, whatever you do will annoy them. Should you continue to wait? Well, if you do, what you will wait for is probably their wedding with someone else. Should you remain in a state of depression? Well, then you are in trouble, as they will be grateful they didn't end up with someone who can't handle losing. When they no longer love you, don't dwell on who is right or wrong. Just remember the good they have done for you and let that support you as you move on to a new life. Even if you do everything to try to bring them back, they will only feel sympathy for you, not love. So, when they no longer love you, it's inevitable to feel heartbroken. Give yourself some time to cry and be sad, but quickly find clarity in your thoughts. If you still can't let go, keep them as a memory in your heart, think of it as not seeking eternity, but cherishing what you once had. Whoever finds themselves in this situation should first avoid arguing, and refrain from using kisses to hurt the other person, allowing the good things to remain good. Don't lose confidence and don't always think you did something wrong. In fact, you did your best, it's just that they pretended not to notice. Believe that you are the best, they just didn't know how to appreciate it. Don't keep thinking about how you gave without getting something in return, because when you were giving, you felt it was worth it and you were willing. Be happy for the days you spent together, that is the return of your efforts. Don't disturb them anymore, as it will become a burden for them, they will feel tired and want you to disappear. Instead, keep the love in your heart, turn everything in the past into memories, and wish them well. Loving someone doesn't necessarily mean possessing them. To see them happy, you should also be happy. Learn to let go, sometimes you have to give up because of love.

The world is so big, there is not only one good view. When you arrive at a place and think, "Hmm, not bad," you can stay if you think it's suitable for you. Maybe after a while, you will realize that it's not that great, and continue walking forward. Maybe you will visit more places and eventually choose the one that suits you best (which is also your favorite). Maybe someone else thinks it's good too and wants to compete with you. The winner (achieved through struggle) will believe that this place is the best in their hearts. That's why we need to learn to let go, because only when we let go do we have the opportunity to search, and letting go is also giving ourselves and others a chance. So we should broaden our horizons, wipe our eyes clear, and you will find that there are more views waiting for you. Remember, even letting go can be beautiful.

People usually seek survival in prosperity and adversity, anyone can get through prosperity, but adversity is different. Adversity is like a stumbling stone that trips many people. Smart people will use stumbling stones to support themselves and climb higher, they will see the most scenery. Remember that humans are the greatest, everything in the world is created by humans, and humans are unbeatable. No matter what difficulties you encounter, never give up. No matter what happens, keep a positive mindset. It is easy to lie down but difficult to stand up. Even if you can't stand up, you should crawl, crawl to a place where you feel safe. To stand up, you have to rely on yourself, no matter what method you use, as long as you can stand up, it's okay. The saying goes, "Those in the situation are confused while those on the sidelines have a clear view." When it's your turn, you may be confused and not know what to do, not know how to stand up. This is when you need someone to help you, someone who can see the situation clearly, lift you up, help you stand, and continue your life. Here, I want to say thank you to those who help others to stand up.