Cosplay Tokizaki Kurumi Shui Miao Dating Battle

Scarlet Crazy Three - Shui Miao "Dating Battle" Shizaki Crazy Three COS

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Scarlet Crazy Three - Shui Miao "Dating Battle" Shizaki Crazy Three COS

水淼aqua 时崎狂三_000
I would like to call them professional COS like Shui Miao and Yu Bo. The pre-production and post-production are very industrialized and streamlined. I don't mean anything derogatory here. In fact, their teams have been working together for a long time and have reached a Very smooth production state. Shui Miao's set of Kuangsan still has her own personal characteristics, with a sexy body and a sexually suggestive pose. I personally don't like Tokisaki Kuangsan who opens his eyes, but I think it's pretty good with one eye.

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猩红狂三 擦枪走火-水淼《约会大作战》时崎狂三COS

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