Theatrical version of "Quartet of Another World: Another World" will be released this summer "Tiger&Bunny2" this trailer announced "OVERLORD IV" PV Phase 2

Recently, the resources of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" have also been downloaded and watched. To be honest, I was looking forward to watching it, but after watching it, I can only give 6.5 points on the face of the three generations of Spider-Man on the same screen. . Sure enough, Marvel's film level after "Avengers 4" has a feeling of a cliff-like decline. And the "lethality" of the line "with great ability comes great responsibility" is too powerful.

Theatrical version of "Another World Quartet: Another World" will be released this summer

异世界四重奏:Another World

The animation "Quartet of Another World", which gathers four light novels with the theme of another world, has been broadcast for two seasons. In yesterday's live broadcast, the official announced that the theatrical version of "Quartet of Another World: Another World" will be released this summer. show.

Although there are works of different world themes almost every season now, these four works are all of the kind that can be played very well. My personal favorite is Tanya War, then OVERLORD, then Re:Life in a different world from zero and then Blessings for a Better World.


aired in july

"Tiger & Bunny 2" this trailer announced

On Saturday night's "Tiger & Bunny 2 Precious EVE", Netflix gave this trailer for "Tiger & Bunny 2", and added the OP song "kaleido proud fiesta" sung by Unison Square Garden in the trailer.


Officially added three new characters:トーマス・トーラス(CV:岛崎信长)、仙石昴(CV:千叶翔也)、ラーラ・チャイコスカヤ(CV:楠木ともり)

"Love Live! Superstar!!" Season 2 to air in July

Love Live! Superstar!!

At the concert of "Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 2nd Love Live! ~What a Wonderful Dream!!~" on Sunday, "Love Live! Superstar!!" announced that the second season of the TV anime will be released in July this year. It was broadcast on NHK-E, and the official added a concert in Osaka on June 4th and 5th. Previously "LOVE LIVE! Superstar! ! "The first season of the animation will air a total of 12 episodes in July 2021.

Love Live! Superstar!!

"Street Demons 2-chome" PV Phase 2

It premiered on April 7, and it is a very interesting work.

"Love Bullshit" adapted from a live-action drama


Fukuyama Ryoko's manga work "Love Bullshit" announced that the adaptation of the live-action drama will premiere on April 16. This work is based on the former girls' school, and tells the friendship and anxious love of the 4-member group of first-year high school boys Nishina, Aoi, Shiro, and Mama. It is a "love comedy that wastes youth".





"The Most Powerful Demon King in History Reincarnated as Villager A" PV Phase 2

【Production team】

Original: Inferior Wonder

Original illustration: Mizuno Hayao

Supervision: Make up the future

Assistant Superintendent: Takeshi Ibe

Series Composition: Yokote Michiko

Character Design: Noguchi Takayuki

Secondary character designer: Yoshihiro Watanabe (Frontier Works)

Design WORKS: Shinya Mahiru, Yasai Aya

Art Supervisor: Yuya Yoshiyama (COSMO PROJECT Co., Ltd.)

Art setting: Yoshinori Yoshikawa (COSMO PROJECT Co., Ltd.)

Color design: Haruko (Hiwa)

Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato (Studio SHAMROCK)

3D Supervisor: Makoto Endo (Tri-Slash)

Editing: Kondo Yuji (Real-T)

Audio Supervisor: Noriyoshi Konuma

Sound effects: Katsuda Nakajima

Music: Takeshi Nakazuka

Music Production: Lantis

Animation production: SILVER LINK.×BLADE

Production: Villager A Production Committee

The story tells that Valvardes is the most powerful demon king in the history of the famous myth. After accomplishing everything he could do when he was a Demon King, he longed for an ordinary life, so he was reincarnated as an ordinary villager Yade thousands of years later. Yade retains his strength and is still an extremely unusual character! Rumors spread quickly that the women wanted Yard to marry her, the royal family wanted to make him the king of the next generation, and even the former subordinates went to the campus to kill him! But the Great Demon King kicked these kicks away and marched on his own path...!

Welfare Today Cheshire

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柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025559

柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025558

柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025600

柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025601

柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025559

柴郡 碧蓝航线 COSPLAY_20220313025558