How to masturbate better?

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    It is human nature to have sexual desires as well as appetites.

    Sex itself is an extremely private topic.

    So in the face of most sexual problems, you mistakenly think that you are alone.

    Is masturbation really common?

    In 2013, Sun Yat-sen University launched a small-scale survey on campus, and the data showed that among all the respondents, the proportion of masturbation behaviors was as high as 85.86%.

    Among them, 55.36% said that the last time they masturbated was 1-3 days ago, and 39.29% of them masturbated one to three times a week.

    Most of the boys surveyed have masturbated, the proportion is as high as 96.15%, and the number of girls who have masturbated is about 70%.

    If the standard for most people to judge whether something is safe or not is whether most people are doing it.

    Then through the above data, you can freely release your hands and give yourself a youth that is not too suppressed.

    After solving the problem of the concept of masturbation, there will be a key question, how to control the frequency of masturbation? What is too much?

    How often is it appropriate to masturbate?


    "Isn't it bad to masturbate every day? How many times should it be controlled?"

    How do you define "normal"? When you ask this question, you just want to know if masturbation will be wiped out.

    At present, the mainstream view of the international medical community still believes that masturbation is harmless.

    Masturbation was supposed to be the most hygienic and healthy way to release physical desire.

    However, some people use masturbation as a way to relieve their mental stress, and in the long run, they will form a psychological dependence, and their psychological development and social adaptability will become worse and worse.

    This type of masturbation behavior is actually a morbid manifestation of psychological barriers, inner conflict and frustration, and should receive specialized psychotherapy.

    If you can feel that you can’t do masturbation every day, you will have a mental breakdown, masturbation before and after eating, and masturbation before going to bed and after waking up.

    In terms of frequency, some people think that masturbation should be completely abstained, and some people say that once a week or twice a week, and in terms of sex addiction, seven times a week (including masturbation) is considered normal.

    There is no limit to the number of times you can masturbate. The important thing is that you can masturbate when you want to, and restraint when you don't.

    The harm of masturbation, in fact, mostly comes from the huge mental pressure brought about by the publicity of the harm itself.

    If you have good control over your masturbation habit and don't become addicted or dependent on it, the frequency itself doesn't matter.

How to masturbate better?

    So how exactly do you masturbate?

    The old driver is racing, please fasten your seat belt at all times.

    First of all, masturbation should pay attention to safety.

    One is the atmosphere of security.

    Only in an atmosphere of safety can people calm down and let go.

    In case you are spooked and terminated by an unexpected accident, it can also lead to long-term erectile dysfunction if you can't let it go.

    The second is the safe way.

    The penis is a soft little boy, please be gentle with him. At the same time, the grip strength that the hand can bring is far beyond the scope of YD's ability.

    If you exert too much force in the process of masturbation and improve the younger brother's tolerance, then in the future, there may be poor feelings or even ejaculation difficulties in sexual life, which will affect the harmony.

    Secondly, masturbation should pay attention to hygiene.

    Before masturbating, please give your five-fingered girl and little brother a serious bath. For the sake of your cocooned mushroom, and for your peeling brother, please apply high-quality lubricant before starting your performance.

    Again, masturbation takes time.

    Many masturbation friends will pursue a realm in the process of masturbation, that is, to quickly enjoy the gorgeousness of fireworks blooming, and over time will develop the habit of rapid ejaculation.

    However, we often ignore that in the process of making love, the timing of ejaculation often becomes a habit, and the habit is often difficult to improve in a short period of time.

    To a certain extent, masturbation reduces the sensitivity of the penis, enhances tolerance, and increases the threshold of ejaculation.


    Many times, we use masturbation not only as a way of pleasing ourselves, but also as a training method to develop a skill.

    American psychiatrist Thomson once said that masturbation is the most common sexual behavior of human beings. It was a disease in the 19th century and a medicine to cure it in the 20th century.