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1995 Shanghai Pudong Vampire Paranormal Incident! Girls become mummified in seconds?

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In 1995, the ghost incident of vampires in Pudong, Shanghai, the girl became mummified in seconds? There are female corpses, mummified corpses, and incorrupt corpses in the world. Vampires are said to be mutated by several mental patients. A girl was squeezed dry by vampires and said that the mummy shocked the world. The following editor will show you.


Between 1993 and 1995, a vampire incident occurred in Shanghai that shocked the whole city. One of my classmates was in grade 5 at the time. Crazy hair, long nails, love blood hiding in the shadow of the toilet to attack people.


The matter was later settled. I don't know what caused this change! The two most popular versions of the Shanghai vampire incident are the vampire old woman and the vampire researcher.


The first version is relatively scientific. It is said that a doctor who returned from Germany failed the test at a biochemical research institute in the suburbs of Shanghai, causing his body to mutate. As a result, he must drink blood every day to survive. In order to arrest it, two policemen were sacrificed, and the common point of the two deceased is that all their blood was drained.


This vampire incident has caused panic among people. A column of Shanghai TV station once broadcast the incident, but later apologized to the public, and then the official came out to refute the rumor. It is difficult to tell whether it is true or not.


The second version of the "Vampire Old Woman Incident", I believe that many children's shoes born in the 1980s have heard of this strange incident more or less, and some people may feel scared when they think about it now. At that time, the widely circulated version was in a hotel in Shanghai. Two girls lived in the hotel. One of the girls went to the toilet. My friend waited for her for a long time and didn't see her, so she went to the toilet to see if she was out. What's up.


When I walked into the toilet, I was surprised to see an old woman wearing red clothes and came out, looking a little weird. When I walked in, I found that the girl was lying on the ground bloodless and flat, with two teeth marks on her neck. This was just the beginning. One after another, I heard that several girls' bodies were also found in many other places in Shanghai, and there was no trace of blood all over their bodies.