These 10 kinds of ghosts like the most

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1. People with deficiency of kidney qi <The ghost will come, the soles of the feet will feel cold first>

2. To be a person with a weak heart <a guilty conscience turns into a ghost>

3. People who stay awake in the middle of the night for a long time <yin and yang are reversed, Qi and blood are not adjusted>

4. Lustful and lewd people <kidney qi deficiency due to prostitution>

5. People who have been in fear and anxiety for a long time <fear hurts the kidneys, kidney deficiency leads to ghosts>

6. People with excessive greed <Greedy will easily consume energy and feel guilty>

7. People who are overworked <Tired people have Qi deficiency, and Qi deficiency leads to evil entry>

8. People who are overly sad <Sorrow damages Qi, easy to see ghosts>

9. People who are often put to death (graves, mourning halls, morgues, funeral parlors)

10. People with difficult fortunes <weak fortune, weak energy and weak spirit>